City Council refuses to release critical report

“NOTTINGHAM city council is refusing to hand over a draft report that is highly critical of the authority and Labour leader Jon Collins. The document cost tax payers almost £30,000 but was never circulated to officers and councillors.

The council has repeatedly refused requests to disclose the document and information relating to it. These requests have been made by the Evening Post and Lib Dem councillor Tony Sutton.

The former deputy chief executive Adrienne Roberts commissioned the report but it was spiked before being finalised.

Adrienne Roberts and Coun Collins saw the final draft by external consultants, Hardmoor Associates…The criticisms in the documents are believed to be similar to those made by the Audit Commission in 2007 and 2008.

Last year, the watchdog said problems relating to relationships and culture are one of two major challenges facing the authority.”


2 Responses to City Council refuses to release critical report

  1. bilindsnottingham says:

    why oh why do we keep hearing off the stories over and over again, but you feel more when they are in your own town… and then we just live in a culture where it just all right to admit to stuff but we just say sorry .. and because we have said sorry it just goes away with no point of dealing with problem and stopping them from happening again..

    you can get away anything as long as you say sorry !!!

  2. Harry says:

    It’ll be a cold day in hell when you here Jon Collins or Graham Chapman say sorry.

    With JaneT odd as Chief Exec ( aka Town Clerk ) Collins has what he’s always wanted and what has cost Nottingham taxpayers the best part of £1m – a YES woman.

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