Jane Todd’s promotional emails

Its always worth reading the comments on the Evening Post’s website. They sometimes reveal bits of information that certainly I didn’t know.

“Andy, how dare you! Jane Todd is doing a great job. And every week she emails all staff and posts on the intranet to tell us all just that. The other week she was on holiday, this week she’s at some random lunch / dinner thing.

Not sure when or where she finds the time to do work between composing the “This is what John and I did this week” then posting her response to this new shambles saying what a great job she’s doing blah blah blah. Must be a hard life.

Any chance of doing anything useful? Makes the staff in my office SICK to read her ramblings. I worked out on her salary, if she’s a quick typer, it probably cost £150 per weekly email. That’s nearly £8k a year that could be saved!”

The comment has now been deleted from the Evening Post website.


3 Responses to Jane Todd’s promotional emails

  1. Andy says:

    Sure thats the right link?

  2. nottgirl says:

    no sorry its not – I will edit this

  3. Nick B. says:

    Remember Google caches articles for a while after NEP have deleted them 😉

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