Nottingham Council – a caring employer?

Of course, even those of us who have never personally talked to a Nottingham City Council employee would suspect that the Council is not a caring employer when it comes to your ordinary member of staff.

Slight hints of this include the City Council announcing 350 job cuts through the Evening Post whilst Jane Todd, the Chief Executive announced she would answer any questions employees had through Nottingham Evening Post!

I honestly can’t imagine any other large employer thinking this is an acceptable way to communicate with staff about forthcoming redundancies. A comment below reveals more about the city Council’s caring attitude to its staff.

“I know that some of you will not give a toss about this but our caring NCC HR Department has just sent my office a box of tissues and an envelope full of BUPA Counselling leaflets and telephone numbers ready for Monday morning.

Mmmm? I think the news on Monday is not going to be good.”

Follow the link below to read this comment on the Evening Post’s website.


10 Responses to Nottingham Council – a caring employer?

  1. Andy says:

    I used to be a Nottingham City Council employee and I’m happy to confirm that they’re a bunch of cunts, I’m still taking the anti depressants.

    Mind you the Unison branch are run by a bunch of lying scumbags who are only interested in helping their mates out as well so yer common or garden foot soldier is a bit stuck.

  2. Nick B. says:

    They have a legal (as well as a moral) obligation to inform/consult with their staff. Unfortunately if the local Union branch are in cahoots with them it looks unlikely if they will get taken to task over it.

  3. Robin says:

    My hairdresser’s mum works for NCC and her favourite phrase is that “NCC is crap!” Honest. it is. Shoe also says that the management are “corrupt self enriching scum sucking pigs.”

  4. Robin says:

    #Shoe?? Meant “she”

  5. Harry says:

    I have to say in my dealings with Nottingham City Council over the last two years I have never come across a group of individuals that are less interested in doing the job they’re paid for.

    They will initially try to fob you off. If that fails they will lie. If that lie isn’t sufficient to get rid of you, they’ll tell a bigger one. If you try to make a formal complaint they’ll do their utmost to prevent you. If you persist, one of their customer service staff will investigate….. and fob you off saying that they have no case to answer.

    I find it offensive that my taxes are used to employ such people. Have they no shame ? Clearly not.

    Nottingham City Council is without doubt the most shambolic organisation I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I have found their staff ( with one notable exception) to be unhelpful, inept, incompetent and proud of it. The lengths that they are prepared to go to to avoid carrying out the work that they are employed to do is staggering.

    When corresponding with them I’ve always struggled to determine whether it’s their incompetence or laziness that prevents them from carrying out their work.

    Whichever it is they should be summarily dismissed.

    I’d loved to shove my copy of the Nottingham Arrow up Jon Collins’ arse. Job adverts for “Person Centred Planning Facillitator” included.

  6. Robin says:

    Who profits from printing and distrubuting the platitudinous punterizing CRAPSPIN that is the Nottingham Arrow? And we pay for this utter purile lying shite! I don’t swear often. So when I do you’ll know I do it for heartfelt genuine reason.

    How do we stop these organised criminals from robbing us any longer?

  7. bigman says:

    just a bunch of lying scumbags and it should be the people at the top who should go first not the people who realy care for older people of nottingham. how do you sleep at night collins and chapman.

  8. bigman says:

    I bet the council will find the money for there little vacation again all down to us the tax payer while many people will be out of work.

  9. NCC employee says:

    Harry – I can totally understand your frustration at trying to deal with the Council. It’s just as irritating for those of us working within it.

    However, I just wanted to let you know that there are a fair number of us who really do care about providing the best services we possibly can to people – and hate the fact that the layers of bureaucracy and other problems (including other staff who are unhelpful, incompetent and inept!) we run into at every turn make it incredibly difficult to do so.

    I’m sorry. Some of us really are trying our best. However, we’re probably some of those on our way out through the redundancies…

  10. RewNeedly says:

    now in my rss reader)))

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