Tyron Browne and a cricket club

There has been lots in the press about Tyron Browne who was involved in Nottingham City Council’s housing scandal – where council houses were given to people not entitled to them, repairs were carried out and then in some cases sold under right to buy.

However I also keep reading comments on websites about Tyron Browne’s strong links to others alleged to be involved, through West Indian Cavaliers Cricket Club. Tyrone is their Honorary Secretary. The allegations appear to be that some of those involved in this cricket club were also involved in the housing scandal, but have kept their jobs at Nottingham City Homes.

I do not have close enough working links with Nottingham City Homes to know who these people can be and I can’t find out anything via the internet. (I can’t find out over the phone or in person as I can’t reveal who I am).

So if anybody has more information please let me know – maybe post a comment here. Your email address will not be revealed. Thanks.


31 Responses to Tyron Browne and a cricket club

  1. A. Regular Reader says:

    Have you ever tries searching the Charity Commission’s website. It’s amazing what information you can find in accounts and annual reports.

    For example, go to Google. Type this in the search box:

    west indian cavaliers site:charity-commission.gov.uk

    Only one hit. Worth a read?

  2. Robin says:

    Go get ’em – bloody crooked ball chasing parasiticak snakey crooks.

  3. Robin says:

    Go get ’em – bloody crooked ball chasing parasitical snakey crooks.

  4. nottgirl says:

    Hi A Regular Reader, I don’t know if I am doings omething wrong, but I can’t find the cricket club on the charity commission website.

  5. A. Regular Reader says:

    It is actually referred to as a sports and social club.


    Page 11.

    T.Browne and S.Riley are Management Committee Members of West Indian Cavaliers Sports and
    Social Club. During the year West Indian Cavaliers Sports and Social Club provided services to
    the company in the sum of €1 5,500 which was determined on an arms length basis.
    During 2002 the company advanced West Indian Cavaliers Sports and Social Club the sum of
    €6823 to facilitate office expansion for thk company while negotiations took place with
    Nottingham City Council for match funding towards GNTEC Legacy funding. This sum was
    repaid during the year.

  6. julie says:

    If it is possible to obtain a team photograph – there was one published in the Post about 5 years ago- I could give you the names and a @family tree@ of connections, dodgy houses and even more dodgy jobs

  7. nottgirl says:

    Thanks A Regular Reader it does make interesting reading. I would love to know what services the £15,500 was supposedly for? Although the loan of £6823 was repaid, I would have thought it was against Charity Law for a loan to be made in this manner.

    Julie I can’t find a photo of the team but below is a list of committee members, taken from theie website.

    Web Site Administrator Richard Williams
    Chairman Randolph Richardson
    Hon. Secretary Tyron Browne
    Asst. Secretary Danny Frankson
    Hon. Treasurer Sheron Riley
    Club Captain Steve Atkinson
    Head groundsman Dave Roulston-Bates
    1st team Scorer Sharon Isaacs
    2nd team scorer Richard Williams

  8. Mark Gott says:

    Danny Frankson was suspended from his job at Nottingham City Council, pending a corruption investigation. He is a Cavaliers Player and a member of their committee.

  9. Gary says:

    Huge numbers of the Cavaliers had jobs in the Nottingham City Council housing department and many of their names cropped up in investigations into who was being given council homes through manual offers. Some of the best housing in the Arboretum area, for example, was given to cricketers or their family members (or at least appeared to be have been given to them – may have been some phantom tenancies). Other players lost their jobs, although not necessarily for their home ownership – other acts.

    Despite evidence of apparently dodgy offers relating to many members of the dept and the cricket team being presented to investigators, no real action was taken and police and opposition councillors appeared uninterested in taking any real action. Stinks. Can only presume Browne and his crew had done enough favours to enough people or had enough dirt on them to prevent anyone wanting a real investigation being done. Reading what’s going on with Coulson, the NOTW and the Met Police is like a case of same story, different names.

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  11. Mali says:

    simply you guys are jealous and being unreasonable. there are many corrupt politician, leaders and councillors. they sell contracts and do any thing for money, and it is spreaded all over England. we can see no one touch them or say against them. Mr Browne is soft target may be because he is not “white”. You guys must serve your energy to revile top corrupt people who are in House of Parliament and Lords. they are killing more than million people in Iraq and Afghanistan for Oil Contract and making poorer the poor people and richest the richer people. they are spending billions of tax payer money and left the country in such a mess, if you guys are brave enough stand and tell against them, research against them, may be do not have that courage

  12. nottgirl says:

    I saw that Nick. But they are still being vague about which sports club is involved.

  13. notts lad says:

    is this the same Tyron Browne who is a director of hope fostering – people and the council place children with such history – no wonder things like baby P happen also his wife runs the company – maybe the evening post should look into this too.

  14. Andy says:

    I think it certainly is.

    Their website is pretty scant on details of who is involved and they don’t seem to be a charity so it must be a private fostering company. I wonder at the morality of that.

    Here they are at companies house with TB clearly mentioned


    If anybody feels rich they can order the docs and find out more.

  15. Andy says:

    Their Ofsted inspection.


    Says they have shortfalls in staff vetting and recruitment…

  16. Nick says:

    I was feeling flush and ordered Pride Fostering’s annual accounts from Companies House. According to their balance sheet as of March 31st 2010 the company had liabilities of £117,545 and assets of £6,635.

    Do the math.

  17. notts lad says:

    whats pride fostering got to do with Tyron Browne ????- i thinks its hope fostering service

  18. Nick says:

    I don’t know where Pride Fostering came from. The accounts are for Hope Fostering.

  19. taxpayer nottingham says:

    I can certainly confirm that Tyron Browne is a director and share holder of Hope Fostering a private fostering agency in Radford. Usman Afzaal the cricketer (captain of the Cavaliers) is also a director and share holder. You can all check this with companies house!!! His wife runs the agency for them.

    How is a man with his reputation allowed by the authorities to take responsibility for vulnerable children. Do the council know that he is running this business? I am not happy with more of my taxes going to this man and his company!

    Taxpayer Nottingham

  20. Nick says:

    Is this the very same Usman Afzaal who appears alongside the phrases “hiding in a safe house”, “betting syndicate” and “corruption investigation” if you Google the name?

  21. taxpayer nottingham says:

    Yes,theres no doubt about it,the same man.

  22. Nick says:

    Funny that Cavaliers Cricket Club turns up yet again. I’ve heard that back in the 1990s there was a great deal of comment amongst other local cricket clubs about Cavaliers uncanny ability to attract top players to their club and rumours about jobs and houses.

  23. nottingham tax payer says:

    Tony Palmer is the other man involved in Hope fostering,though I’m unsure of individual roles of involvment.The Cavaliers at the moment have 3 top players !!

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  26. He man says:

    You are all a bunch of racist and idiots. Get a life and concrete on your own life as opposed to trying to shaft others, bunch of degenerates. No connection to to him by the way before you accuse me of that, you lot really as sad ba@*+ds .

  27. caleb robinson says:

    It wasn’t just the Cavaliers players themselves, it was their partners, the second team and their partners, the netball team and their partners…

  28. caleb robinson says:

    And this has got nothing to do with race, I am a black man, married to a black woman, there are many, many people in the black community who know all about what these characters are involved in and despise it with all their hearts, so put your race card back in your pocket.

  29. kez919 says:

    TB’s influence went far beyond misappropriation of housing stock and jobs to members of a cricket club, although that was endemic in the city council housing department. If you were a pace bowler you’d get a job, through the correct recruitment channels but he would always have a trusted ally on the interview panel.

    He was also connected with some very unsavoury Nottingham characters including the Gunn family and Dave Francis. As Director he had considerable influence, although he was very careful not to leave a paper trail and used his PA to pass his orders down via the phone. He was not a man whose orders were questioned. Tyron had recruited heavily within the Housing department and the City Council as a whole. As such, he gained a lot of loyalty within the organisation. People owed their jobs and houses to him and to be fair to him he was actually quite an effective leader. It’s just sad that he as a senior public servant contributed heavily to the vile state Nottingham got into.

    On one occasion that I have personal knowledge of, a man was evicted from a flat, as he had been convicted of dealing class A and received a long custodial sentence. Upon release several years later, he turned up at the housing office with nowhere to live. He’s told that he’ll need to go on the waiting list like everyone else. Shortly afterwards Tyron’s PA called and instructs the Manager to rehouse him immediately, so efforts are made to find him suitable accommodation. However, empty properties are in short supply but they find him one. It’s not good enough, as he doesn’t want to live away from the area. So the manager makes efforts to find a vacant property in the same area. Not even that is satisfactory, he and wants his flat back, not just any flat but his specific flat. Obviously it has been let to a new tenant in the meantime. A short while later, TB’s PA calls back and asks about what’s happening with the new tenants rent arrears and can we evict him?

    It’s one of many incidents I know of and sadly it’s by no means the worst.

  30. Dot Mutolo says:

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