Nottingham City Council dysfunctional

The Evening Post has obtained a secret draft report into the culture of Nottingham City Council. On the report’s front page it says “this council is dysfunctional.

“Among the many problems identified by Hardmoor Associates were a lack of vision, no strategic direction, an overload of initiatives, poor project management and little project management so staff have operated without clear priorities.

Senior managers were subject to withering criticism. “The Strategic Management Team is seen as totally ineffective…It has not provided clear leadership, it is not joined up, it is unfocused and lacks any dynamism,”stated the consultants.

The leader of the City Council Coun Jon Collins, and the deputy leader, Coun Graham Chapman, were “seen as meddling, wanting to micro-manage the organisation and act as officers”, the consultants claim.

Coun Collins was viewed as “a solution to the council’s problems but also the creator of many of those problems” due to his desire to bring about change, which resulted in him playing an “interventionist role”.

He gets upset and shouts at staff if things are not done, even if his expectations are unrealistic, the consultants claim.

Labour councillors were criticised for wanting to micro manage officers and “meddling” to promote their own “pet schemes or ward issues”. They were accused of deflecting officers from their priority work.

Follow the link below to read more.


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