Bad review of Hemlock Stone

“Having just experienced a meal at The Hemlock Stone, I just thought I’d let people know what to expect.
We arrived 30 mins early and told the girl we’d booked but were early. She said to take a seat and she’d see if we could have our table early. We got a drink and sat at the bar. She came back about 15 minutes later and said our table was ready. We were told to go though and the waitress would sort us out.

Well, we went through and a surly waitress was leaning on a table staring at us. I looked around and we were the only people in the restaurant! I said hello and said we were ready to be seated. She rolled her eyes and said she’d check the book to see if we had a reservation (there was no one else in the place!).

She never asked for a name but just shuffled off like Vicky Pollard and stared into this book. I don’t think she could read. After an uncomfortable wait she nudged us over to a table and passed us the menu. We ordered our food and sat waiting.

Meanwhile I could hear the “Chef” and his gang of chavs asking the waitress for “a lickle kiss”. They then proceeded microwave our dinners and stick a thermometer in them to see if they were edible. The main meals were £9 each, so not cheap (unlike the staff). We weren’t expecting Kerry Katona and her Iceland dinners for that price.

We didn’t hang about after that. I couldn’t complain to the manager as he was having an argument with the surly waitress.
It goes without saying, we won’t be going there again!”

Follow the link below to read the original review.


One Response to Bad review of Hemlock Stone

  1. Nick B. says:

    Perhaps the poster of the original review on Tripe Advisor should have contact the pub chain owners, Orchid Group if he felt the manager was unapproachable.

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