Jon Collins promotion

Okay nobody is perfect – but Councillor Jon Collins the Leader of Nottingham City Council has presided over an organisation where

1. Nearly 3,000  council houses were handed out, outside of the allocation system including houses given out to employees, friends and relatives of senior housing staff. Some of these were done up with taxpayers money and then sold under the right to buy scheme.

2. Over £74,000 was taxpayers money was spent on hiring a yacht at Cannes, organising dinners and a party on the beach for over 300 people as part of the MIPIM international investment event. This will be repeated this year.

3. £42 million of taxpayers investments in Icelandic banks was lost

4. Council staff were consulted and questions answered on proposed staff redundancies through the Nottingham Evening Post.

5. The new anti social behaviour team leader is arrested after a fight in the City Centre.

6. Thirty eight council staff given jobs through the back door.

7. Three chief executives leave in six years with pay-offs costing council tax payers about £500,000 in total. The reasons behind this are allegedly because the Leader of the Council Jon Collins is unable to work with any of them.

8. Underspending on discretionary housing payments.

Some people might think that these scandals alone would lead to Jon Collins falling on his sword. Instead of this happening I have just found out that Councillor Jon Collins will be the new Chairperson for One Nottingham.

One Nottingham are a quango that brings together the City Council, police, fire brigade, health and the voluntary sector to reduce inequality by meeting a range of Government targets. Jon Collins has been on the Board for sometime, but Graham Allen MP has been the chairperson. It distributes significant amounts of Central Government funding. It is in short an important local organisation.

And they decide to make Jon Collins the Chair! 

All of the scandals above are referenced on previous posts in this blog. To learn more about One Nottingham click the link below.


6 Responses to Jon Collins promotion

  1. Andy says:

    Done a bit of an estimate on the amount of money lost to Nottingham’s economy caused by the mismanagement of discretionary housing payments.

    A conservative estimate i.e. the difference between actual expenditure and an assumed inflationary increase in the government grant each year, is that we’ve lost over £500k. This ignores the fact that NCC could have spent over and above the government grant and this would almost certainly resulted in increased grant by demonstrating greater need.

    NCC are still trying to hide the true scale of DHP refusals though so next stop Information Commissioner.

    PS. Some muppet has started following my blog with the apparent sole purpose of slagging me off, strange behaviour for somebody I’ve never met. Check this out

  2. Andy says:

    How come I’m on moderation but others aren’t?

  3. Andy says:

    Ok, lets amend that, why is one of my posts on moderation and the others aren’t?

  4. nottgirl says:

    Sorry Andy I don’t know how this happened. I suspect it was labelled as spam. However i have approved it.

  5. Joe Hill says:

    Then there’s the sorry tale of library uniforms – which were _definitely_ going to be introduced until managers realised staff would refuse to wear them. By then, money had been spent on managers bullying staff into trying to make them accept uniforms (lots of visits, meetings and memos) and some uniforms had already been bought. How many? Where are they now? What did they cost? And how much has been spent putting other council staff into uniforms?

  6. […] For an interesting summary of some of Nottingham City Council’s achievements under Jon Collins leadership, go to […]

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