Why I hate Nottingham City Council’s website

A reader of this blog  pointed out the article below written by another blogger.

“Nottingham City Council recently relaunched its website after much local advertising and promotion – but is it any good? Here are my thoughts:

1. Web 2.0 = Wow!
I can imagine the brief now: “Everyone likes MySpace and Facebook, let’s make a website like that! In fact just copy the BBC website, that’ll do!”
It really smacks of a generic “Web 2.0” template where the content takes a back seat to widgets letting you link to your Facebook or Gmail. People visit a Council website to get local information not to be a portal for their email etc – know your place NCC!

2. Supporting Local Business
So what was the reasoning for using a company in Plymouth to build this? There are many, many established and successful web companies in Nottingham that could’ve built this travesty – whatever happened to using local businesses eh? Not really “On our side” are you?

3. Adsense!!??
“I know, let’s make some money out of this website – these Google ads look great!”.
No, no, no, no….

4. Lack of Direction
The site seems to have lost track of what information that people want to see. Don’t worry about making a cool Web 2.0 site, get the information in an accessible format that people can quickly find. Too many different navigation items and distractions, not to mention the Google Ads – keep it simple please.”

Follow the link below to read the original article.



6 Responses to Why I hate Nottingham City Council’s website

  1. Soapsoane says:

    Nottingham through Accelerate Nottingham and the Greater Nottingham Partnership who work with the City Council at arm’s length to make sure government resources are properly channelled locally. They have really worked hard to get websites and publicity for IT adopted in local communities. As far back as 2003 hundreds of thousand of pounds were invested with local software start up company EIBS, to try to get a community website project going. The purpose, I think, was to set up community websites for local community groups and provide training. I think because of the fear of websites and also because they take time and effort to maintain, the project stalled, although the wider project of ‘Connecting Nottingham’ was taken forward with a competition to website providers to produce another website for ‘Connected Nottingham’ for something like £50,000. I wonder whether the company who did the Nottingham City Council website was on the list of companies asked to tender for this work. It does seem a shame that there are probably sixty or more websites hanging in cyber space without a community to maintain them. The Connected Nottingham project:


    has a great website but it didn’t come out of all the previous local website investment. that was money won from other sources. Connected Nottingham has been taken forward and it is working to develop the Broadband Stakeholders project in Nottingham and with other cities but as far as I know, the notion of community websites has died a death. The Nottingham City Council Website could, in theory, be a catalyst through the neighbourhood groups to a real community link. The notion of web 2.0 wil only be as good as the quality of the garbage in I think

  2. Soapsoane says:

    oops the beginning of the comment should be:

    I don’t know much about the Nottingham City Council website but I do know that in Nottingham…. IT development is promoted

  3. nottgirl says:

    Nottingham Development Company – a regeneration quango – were also planning to produce a community website that would also provide free internet access to residents in Radford and Hyson Green. However after lots of initial publicity, it appears to have died a death.

  4. Nick says:

    The city council has a long record of wasting money on this kind of stuff. I remember back in 1994 they spent £100,000+ on an abortive system to provide interactive information kiosks in libraries and council offices. It never got past Clifton Library and the Smithy Row TIC.

  5. nottgirl says:

    I had forgotten about that one Nick! I do remember it being widely reported at the time.

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