Council staff suspended in City Homes scandal

Staff at Nottingham City Homes and Nottingham City Council have been suspended over allegations that council houses were misallocated.Finally Nottingham City Council have done the right thing!

“In a statement released this morning, the city council said it and City Homes had launched disciplinary investigations following the publication of a report into housing allocations by the District Auditor.

The council’s statement said: “A number of staff – none of whom we are naming – have been suspended or moved within our organisations, pending the outcomes of these investigations which we expect to be completed within weeks.”

The District Auditor highlighted nine cases where he found evidence that homes had been misallocated, sometimes to housing staff, their relatives or associates. The investigation focused on a period between 2003-2005.”

Follow the link below to read this article.

To read more about the housing scandal follow the link below.


8 Responses to Council staff suspended in City Homes scandal

  1. Andy says:

    Sadly, the standards committee refused to accept the Audit Commission’s recommendation that there should be mechanisms to require councillors to register potential conflicts of interest when advocating on behalf of constituents.

    I suspect NCC haven’t sent out a press release about that…

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  4. George says:

    Great article, thanks for the information.

  5. nottgirl says:

    I suspect you are right Andy!

  6. A. Regular Reader says:

    Seen on BBC News website: Sheriff investigated over housing

  7. andy says:

    He’s referred himself to the same ruthless attack dog standards committee mentioned in my comment above hasn’t he? Apparently in order to ‘clear his name’. Funny, I thought that if you’re being investigated you’re not supposed to know the outcome in advance…

    Btw, NCCLols is a bit quiet atm due to my laptop being half inched during a break in. Luckily my phone has wifi so I can still keep partially in touch but IE Mobile doesn’t seem to be fully compliant with Blogger so I can’t publish.

  8. A. Regular Reader says:

    @andy – You can publish to Blogger by email.

    Dashboard -> Settings -> Email

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