Job losses at Nottingham City Council

As most people will know, Nottingham City Council Councillors have agreed that they will make 366 people redundant and cut 333 vacant posts.

Unsurprisingly there has been lots of complaints about the services the City Council has chosen to cut, and the areas it is choosing to still fund.

Unison have taken out a billboard advert asking why Nottingham City Council is cutting so many jobs and yet spending millions on consultants









The City Council are recruiting for political assistants to the 3 main political parties for a salary of £30,000 a time.

And at the same time the council are proposing to close a children’s home, two libraries, three day centres, reduce the opening hours of a number of museums and the Portage team which supports families with disabled children.

Unfortunately its not surprising that Nottingham City Council is planning to cut services to our most vulnerable communities, whilst continuing to create and fund bureaucrats and consultants.


One Response to Job losses at Nottingham City Council

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    I would be interested to see how many of the people being made redundant are senior managers (earning, let’s say, in excess of £40,000) and how many are the ‘foot soldiers’ of the City Council who actually do all the work but can least afford to be unemployed at the moment.

    If the posts have all been identified now, perhaps the council could provide a list of them to council tax payers.

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