Worst hotel in Nottingham?

You may have walked by the Gresham Hotel on your way to the railway station and wondered if it is as run down inside as it looks on the outside. The answer is no, it is much worse inside, as can be seen from the extracts below.

“Nicotine stained flock wallpaper, cobwebbed chandeliers and the smell of damp greeted us along with a less than helpful receptionist”

“On entering the hotel you are engulfed with the smell of what can only be described as wet dog and fags”

“Peeling paintwork, damp patches, dirty linen, filthy wash basin. I asked receptionist for another room and this one was worse, with exposed electrics on a broken wall socket.”

“Room was filthy and freezing, only have the heating on from 5pm till 11pm”

“sticky carpets and the smell of damp”

“suspect stains all over her bed lining”

“Avoid the breakfast its terrible. The baked beans tasted fishy, the bacon like jerky, and sausages worse than Iceland value ”

“A GP friend of mine who lives on the outskirts of Nottingham told me that it’s the worst hotel in Nottingham. I wished I had consulted her prior to booking. She also said that her staff told her the Hotel is used by the DSS for homeless people and drug addicts. I have no actual proof of this.”

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4 Responses to Worst hotel in Nottingham?

  1. Metafocus says:

    We designed and built their website.

    This is a bit of a harsh blog post! The Gresham Hotel provide cheap accommodation in a good location – close to the train station and the city centre.

    Some of these reviews are pretty negative, but compared to how many people stay at the hotel, they are not too representative.

    People love commenting on the negative stuff, but are less forthcoming on the positive bits 🙂

  2. nottgirl says:

    I think it is true that people are quicker to post negative reviews on hotel stays than positive ones. However, on trip advisor there are usually a mix of negative and positive reviews. This hotel had one positive review and the rest were very negative.

    However I haven’t personally been to this hotel so I can’t make a personal judgement.

  3. A. Regular Reader says:

    @metafocus – You might have run the spell checker.

    All arears of the Hotel are non-smoking

  4. barnze says:

    I went to a New Years Eve function there a few years back.It was ok but we did not stay the night..

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