Bulwell man living in car after teen gang attacks

“A MAN says he is living in his car after fleeing his home because of teenage thugs.

Ashley Scott has set up home in the Rover 214 on a friend’s drive after abandoning his flat on Bulwell’s Crabtree Estate ten days ago. The 23-year-old said his ordeal began when he was confronted by three or four youths in Willow Hill Close, Bulwell.

“One of them came up to me with a knife and said ‘Stand up and get beat up, or get stabbed’,” he said.

“He started punching me and as he was doing it one of the others was recording it on a mobile phone. I did not want to risk getting stabbed so I let him do it…The attack left me with a cheek the size of a golf ball…”

The next night Mr Scott said his car windscreen was smashed. Then, in the early hours of Sunday, a friend’s car he was fixing also had windows broken.

He added: “I moved out on the Sunday and got a text message from a neighbour that night to say my flat had been broken into. I’ve now emptied my place and am trying to move.”

Follow the link below to read more.



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