Union fury at £18,000 job for councillor while staff posts cut

“THE city council’s Labour group has sparked controversy after approving another Executive Board member on an allowance of almost £18,000.

Angry union leaders have accused the council of finding a job for one of their own while sacking 366 staff and axeing another 333 vacant posts.

Last night, Labour members pressed ahead with the appointment of Coun Hassan Ahmed as the eighth portfolio holder on the executive. He will be responsible for economic development and skills.

Coun Graham Chapman, deputy Labour leader insisted he would provide extra focus on the economy and said savings in councillors’ budgets would fund the post. The savings are yet to be agreed, but could include budget and pay cuts.

Regional officer at Unison, Ravi Subramanian, said he was “staggered” at the decision.”

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2 Responses to Union fury at £18,000 job for councillor while staff posts cut

  1. nottgirl says:

    Of course Hassan Ahmed had been thrown out of the Labour Party, although he was later allowed to rejoin. I have no idea though why he was thrown out.

  2. Andy says:

    He’s clearly shinned back up the greasy pole at a rate of knots. He was previously one of the Executive Assistants, in fact he was Chapman’s biatch (the EAs are still being overpaid according to the council’s Independent Remuneration Committee but JoCo and the boys have ignored them).

    I suspect there’s been some serious political fellatio going on and will probably continue for a good while yet.

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