Call this eyesore a piazza?

A letter in today’s Nottingham Evening Post rightly complains about the poor standard of design in our City.

 “It must have been a very exacting and challenging task, drawing on every single ounce of skill and imagination built up over many, many years of experience, but they have finally done it!

A team of “architects” and “planners” have toppled the Littlewoods building on Long Row from its previously unassailable position as Nottingham’s ugliest building.

I refer to the backside of the newly completed Trinity Square development.

We were promised a piazza but all we have is a “disasta”, the design of which is totally unrivalled by anything that has gone before it. Ugly just does not describe it and “design” is another word that is completely inappropriate.”

Follow the link below to read more.


One Response to Call this eyesore a piazza?

  1. Stuart says:

    Totally agree.

    I pass this place regularly and find it a complete eyesore. I love he fact that the ‘landscaping consists of about four saplings in this sea of mediocre, bland concrete slabbling.

    Another great triumph for the Nottingham planners.

    Even the pigeons won’t use it.

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