10 things that would make Nottingham great

I have just been reading another Nottingham blogger and in particular his post about the top 10 things that Nottingham needs to make it a great City. Some of these are reproduced below.

” 1. – A new theme parkAmerican Adventure is dead and buried, and yes it wasn’t IN Nottingham….but we all classed it as ours. Any ideas for a name?..

6 – Guardian Angels – I have to try and keep a straight face as I write this. Nope I cant….ha ha ha ha ha ha….Can you remember years ago when they came to Nottingham, with their over the Atlantic accents, their black trousers and their red berets? They should come back PURELY for the comedic value…

9 – Arcade – I used to love going Cascade (Which we all pronounced as Cash Cade) and Namco but I dont think these places exist now. There’s nothing like going on a Saturday night afternoon, into an arcade to play some video games.


10 – A big “NOTTINGHAM” arch – I’d post it on the A453 just after you’ve come off the M1 at Junction 26. It would be all white and it would be like the one that greets visitors in Malaga in Spain when they are just about to enter Marbella.”

Follow the link below to read more.



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