The policing pledge in action

In today’s Evening Post a letter complains about how the police have responded to his issue in a way that doesn’t meet the policing pledge.

“a friend who recently had the misfortune of a runaway vehicle, with five occupants, destroying his fencing and gates, and causing severe damage to a vehicle at the side of his home. Three of the five were apparently arrested by police officers who attended the scene.

My friend has since made two visits to the local police station to obtain insurance details. On his last visit he was informed that the police have got better things to do with their time and no information has been forthcoming.

And this, so soon after the Police Pledge made by the Chief Constable and advertised and published in various forms for public consumption.”

Follow the link below to read more.


One Response to The policing pledge in action

  1. Robin says:

    “Just around the corner help with anti-social behaviour”… yeah right! More like a prostitute and 2 waddling high viz community wardens who could not even catch each others farts.

    Signmongery and crapmongery. Notts police spend our hard earned money on a plague of worthless signs and Smartwater quackery. Stop wasting their time asking them to do something real and tangible.

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