Councillors agree to pay freeze

“THE highest paid city councillors have agreed to a pay freeze.

The councillors who are members of the Executive Board – who receive an allowance of at least £17,297 on top of the basic allowance – will not take a pay increase this year, the local authority announced yesterday.

In a statement the city council also said payment for the Chair of the Personnel Panel will cease..”

Sounds generous of them until you realise how much they already receive. All Councillors receive “ a basic allowance of £11,160.”

Some Councillors receive an additional allowance with the largest being that received by the Leader of the Council at £33,497 and the Lord Mayor at £23,993.

This may not seem excessive until you remember the mess that Councillor Jon Collins the Leader of the Council has created, whilst the Lord Mayor’s role is simply to turn up at events in his ceremonial robes, shake hands and make speeches written by others.

To read more about their allowances follow the link below.

To read more about the pay freeze follow the link below.


One Response to Councillors agree to pay freeze

  1. Andy says:

    I don’t really resent councillors their allowances. They do have an independent committee to advise them how much they should be and they presumably have some objective criteria and comparative data from other councils to work on.

    What I think is dodgy is when councillors vote en masse to ignore this committee’s advice, as they did over the Executive’s Assistant’s allowances

    And yes, they’ve lost an EA post but thats because one of them has been upgraded to a portfolio holder, presumably for kissing party butt.

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