Watchdog: City council improving but still bottom 20%

“THE city council still lies in the bottom 20% of local authorities despite ‘improving’, according to an annual report by The Audit Commission.

The watchdog said the authority was making progress on priorities it had identified, including local employment, educational attainment, cleanliness, improving neighbourhoods and the way the council works. It pointed to good progress on education and recycling compared to other authorities with the council now closing the gap on peers…

..the authority has an overall rating of two out of four and is judged to be ‘improving well’. But while the Audit Commission recognised progress, it put the city in the bottom 20% of councils nationwide.

The inspectors said it has delivered improvement in just over half of 104 performance indicators assessed – fewer than other unitary authorities. The city council was marked down for ‘financial standing’ from a score of three out of four to two out of four, because of bad investments in Icelandic banks.”

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3 Responses to Watchdog: City council improving but still bottom 20%

  1. Andy says:

    Is this not the most back handed and cutting comment from the Audit Commission guy?

    “I don’t think [Nottingham] would have got an ‘improving well’ judgement if we had only looked at performance indicators.”

  2. wiganpier says:

    Once again the City’s ambitions are exposed by a reality check from the Audit Commission. They need to go back to basics and put things right that they’ve allowed to go so wrong.

    See my comments at

  3. says:

    It really could do better I think

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