First Eastside go-ahead despite ‘underwhelming’ design

“THE first application for a building on the eagerly anticipated Eastside Regeneration Zone has been given planning consent – despite politicians describing its design as “underwhelming”.

The large seven-storey glass and terra cotta office block – planned to go next to the East Midlands Development Agency building – was given planning consent yesterday.

However, councillors told the meeting that “first-class design” was needed to generate more business interest in the rest of the 13.7 hectare regeneration zone..

Coun Cat Arnold told the meeting: “I do think it is important we have a first-class design if we are going to attract business, especially when the competition is tough.

“The problem I really have is it does have a 1960s look to it. It is monolithic.”

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One Response to First Eastside go-ahead despite ‘underwhelming’ design

  1. Andy says:

    Its a pity Cat Arnold couldn’t have found something to say about the mismanagement of Discretionary Housing Payments when I asked her about it. Mind you, that wouldn’t have got her name in the papers.

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