Poor care at QMC

A sad posting on patient opinions about poor care at the Queens Medical Centre.

“When I was admitted to the ward nobody showed patients how to use the call button, so elderly ladies couldn’t be heard in the night calling for help…

From what I saw, where patients need cot sides to prevent them from falling out but are able to get their legs through the top bars, then I think cot cushions should be used. The lady opposite me had dreadfully damaged legs…

Due to apparent staff shortages, the nurses have to take their breaks at set times. From what I saw, if this conflicted with feeding a patient, then the patient got left with only a mouthful of food or so and the same applied to assistance with drinks. Not so good when the patient isn’t able to feed themselves!”

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4 Responses to Poor care at QMC

  1. Robin says:

    My partner was in QMC a few weeks back… had I not bought her food in every night she would have starved…drugged up on pain kilers they never gave her food because she was asleep when she was meant to order it. And have you seen the FILTH in the corners of that hospital… and blood was all over the floor on my parners side room when I came to vist her..it was from the previous patient! MRSA,,,no bloody wondr!

  2. nottgirl says:

    That sounds terrible! I’m sorry your partner had such a difficult time. I always worry though about elderly people who may not have anyone who can look out for them and raise issues on their behalf.

  3. Jenna says:

    Im in QMC at the min..im in with a blood clot in my lung PE.i have not seen a doctor been hear 4 hours.got rushed in by ambulance cos its life threatning.i got a nures and asked 4 pain relive she said she will try and get a doctor as wer all labeled with priority so i said a blood clot in my lung not priority.she just shook her head and walked away muttering under her breath.

  4. m says:

    Close qmc a get real hospital with good care from real people

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