Notts Police missing 75% of key performance targets

“NOTTS Police has missed most of its agreed ‘milestones’ for tackling crime and increasing public satisfaction with its service.

The Constabulary failed to meet Local Authority Agreed (LAA) milestones, drawn up with the city and county councils, in: Reducing overall serious acquisitive crime (which includes burglary, robbery and vehicle crime); House burglaries; Robbery; Most serious violence; Assault with lesser injury.

Notts Police also fell short on its detection milestones for: Serious acquisitive crime; Vehicle crime;Robbery….

The new LAA performance figures, which were revealed at a Notts Police Authority performance committee meeting, also reveal the force’s performance against its seven other Most Similar Forces, set by the Home Office to offer a better performance comparison between constabularies of similar size.

Notts is currently compared to Leicestershire, South Wales, Lancashire, Northumbria, Northants, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire.

The county is ranked eighth, or worst, on numbers of gun crimes, serious acquisitive crime, burglary, robbery, assault with less injury and vehicle crime. It is fifth for most serious violence and combined life-threatening and gun crime offences.

For detecting crime, it is eighth, or worst, on robbery and vehicle crime; seventh on serious acquisitive crime; and sixth on detecting home-burglary offences.”

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3 Responses to Notts Police missing 75% of key performance targets

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    The bit from the EP that you missed out in your blog, was that during the period in question crime fell by nearly 8%. Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction? Perhaps people have lost so much faith in the police that they have stopped reporting crime to them… or is this just some sort of statistical hiccup?

  2. nottgirl says:

    It does seem contradictory. However the same article in the Evening Post says that they had been successful at tackling car crime. I know that car crime figures tend to be much higher than other types of crime e.g. assault or murder. So a successful effort to drastically reduce car crime could lead to an overall fall in the crime figures whilst missing targets for reducing other types of crimes.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m pretty sure LAA actually stands for Local Area Agreement, looks like the EP journalist found himself lost in acronyms and took a bit of a punt. Bless.

    Btw, got some useful info you might be interested in but not suitable for discussing publicly. You don’t seem to have a contact link here so if you get a spare minute, send us an email via my blog and I’ll fill you in.

    I’ll kind of have to trust its you and not Jon Collins pretending to be you… ;-D

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