Misuse of grant money?

“THE former chief executive of Notts Black Partnership will find out how much she is owed in compensation today, following a successful discrimination claim.

 Aneela Asim succeeded in her claims of sexual and racial discrimination and harassment against the group, claiming she was discriminated against once she was appointed to a position of power.

Mrs Asim brought the claim against the group and two members, board member Najeeb Nazir and former treasurer Mohammad Aslam – a current Nottingham city councillor – at an employment tribunal…”

One reader left the comment below.

“I seem to recall that the trustees of the NBP have already kindly agreed to donate £15,000 to fund the legal bills of Mohammed Aslam and Najeeb Nazir.

The NBP should repay all “grants” (£25,000 per annum ?) given to it by Notts City Council & be disbanded. Mohammed Aslam should stand down as councillor for Radford ward following his disgraceful behavior.”

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3 Responses to Misuse of grant money?

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    As I said at the time of the original Employment Tribunal ruling, Councillor Aslam should have to answer to the leader of the City Council and to the electorate of Radford for his actions in this sorry saga.

    Perhaps Jon Collins should take a leaf out of the book of the national party leaders at Westminster in dealing with well-publicised sleaze. But I guess politically expediency will once again win out over moral rectitude and natural justice in the city.

  2. Javed Khan says:

    You need to update your news.
    Mohammad Aslam and Najeeb Nazir only were successful in winning their appeal (paid for by themselves) The appeal judge said the findings of the original judge were illegal and based on hearsay please read the appeal tribunal judgement from their website these two poor guys were targets of malicious rumours by a woman who took sides in a dispute. The law is an ass

  3. Javed Khan says:

    Mohammad Aslam has worked tirelessly for the community for over 50 years he is being targeted by malisious fools like Tony Graham an ex pirate radio station DJ (amongst other things including a shady criminal past)who tried to take over the community. It diidnt work though because the community came together supporting Mohammad Aslam and ran Mr President “Tony” out of the system. but he’s seeking revenge and using his dausghter and other staff to fight his battles.

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