Nottingham – a complete dump

One reader of this blog who visited Nottingham, left the comment below.

“Nottingham was a complete dump. The town center appears to have been planned by drunks and modelled on an open plan prison, the streets were filthy from dog mess and people spitting, and the one restaurant we went to – a French style ‘bistro’ in Mansfield Rd, Sherwood had a filthy floor, filthy cutlery, and salad dressing bottles on the table with their necks covered in coagulated brown goo. It was utterly depressing and ghastly, as was the food, complete with packet salad, and frozen ‘roast potatoes.

The locals in cars seem to delight in driving around the barren canyons of the town center like drunken maniacs, and the entire ‘city’ has the auro of a 1960’s social experiment given over completely to chavvy morons. It can’t possibly be the case, but it was an utterly horrible couple of days. I was so glad to leave.”


14 Responses to Nottingham – a complete dump

  1. stephen barker says:

    Whereas someone else said via the council website “A couple of friends and I decided (on a whim) to travel to Nottingham for a ‘day out’ last Saturday, not knowing anything about the City Pulse events that were due to be taking place. However, on discovering the various events (in Parliament Square and elsewhere), we were absolutely delighted that we had made the decision to come to your city, as these events were both highly enjoyable and of a high calibre. (Indeed, one of my friends returned on the Sunday.) Similarly, the range of pubs that we visited were also friendly, welcoming and generally of a high standard. Beyond these points, though, the whole city seemed to be a happy and welcoming place (I haven’t been during the daytime for quite a while but have been to quite a few evening concerts / gigs). Indeed, the most noticeable thing about the city centre, that only really struck me a day later after I had returned home, was the total absence of any drunken, ‘dick-head’ behaviour amongst ANY of the throngs of different age groups there, throughout the whole of the city centre, (along with the general friendliness of the people). The events and the demeanour of the people were therefore of great credit to the city. I hope to be back soon!”

  2. nottgirl says:

    Its true that there are great things about Nottingham – that is why I still live there. However there are a lot of things quite frankly that should be much better – hence this blog. This blog naturally highlights the negative aspects of Nottingham.

    Whereas in your role as Director of Communications and Marketing at Nottingham City Council it is your job to promote the positive aspects of Nottingham.

  3. Alan-a-dale says:

    Like all big cities, Nottingham has good and bad, both in the city centre and the outskirts. And somewhere that might seem good in the daytime might be bad after dark and vice versa. Also, as Stephen says in his blog, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I think it’s quite healthy that local bloggers are able to show both the positive and negative sides of Nottingham… but hopefully we won’t get into some tit-for-tat battle of the bloggers for the soul of the city.

  4. Alex says:

    Not to get all Hegelian on y’all but I think what Alan says is bang on the money – there are some amazing things here in Nottingham but there are plenty of things still to fix. What with the overly-positive view of things you get from the Council’s in house media, balanced by the sometimes over-negative view in the Evening Post, reduced entirely to the negative side here, where you filter out the many nice stories NEP print as well – somehow between the two you get a bit of a synthesis to get more of a rounded picture.

  5. You want drop by in Leicester sometime – we’ll show you a really shit time!

  6. mynameis says:

    I visited Nottingham yesterday, to visit the University open day. The university was lovely, shame I can’t say the same about the city I hated every second I was there. The city lack’s real Character , there is nothing unique about it, it’s a sixties nightmare, the ‘ye old world’ building’s are no were to be found, the people are rude and brutish. The bus station look’s like a dump. Maybe I’m used too Leeds, but your city was utterly depressing.

  7. Nick says:

    Mynameis. You must be reasonably intelligent to consider studying at Nottingham University, so what led you to believe that the city would be “olde worlde”? Surely you haven’t mistaken Hollywood’s Robin Hood for reality?

  8. PK says:

    mynameis – what a wind up. There are so many spelling and grammatical errors in your posting you have no chance at Nottm Uni. They are not that desperate.

  9. David Howse says:

    nottingham too many foreigners,no class.pathetic st georges day celebrations just a few namby pamby men dancing around and a procession led by a lorry full of BNP members.yes im right nottingham has no class

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  12. Yaqhub says:

    The Island in Nottingham looks like it has been ignored since 1910. The city council is horrendous, it takes them a considerable amount of time to approve any proposals by investors and therefore it remains ugly and full of pot holes.

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    Nottingham – a complete dump | Nottingham Is Crap

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