DVD to tackle gun and knife crime

Details below of another initiative that allows people to feel they are doing something to tackle gun and knife crime. Sadly I can’t see it making any difference at all. 

“A DVD, (is) being launched later this month to steer city youngsters away from gun and knife crime..

The DVD, called Guns Knives Destroy Lives Nottingham, is being launched with a showing at Cineworld at 7pm on Thursday, June 18. Families of city gun and knife crime victims, school heads and pupils, and leading figures from Nottingham City Council and Notts Police will be there…

“We ask what more proof do you need that carrying a gun or knife can result in the loss of life?”

To read more follow the link below.



5 Responses to DVD to tackle gun and knife crime

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    It may have been an empty New Labour mantra but “tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime” is still what we should be aiming for. Sadly, the ‘powers that be’ continue to address the symptoms of crime not the causes.

    Showing young people a DVD that highlights the dangers of carrying a knife is no more likely to be effective than telling them not to drink, smoke, take drugs or have unprotected sex. Young people know the dangers of these things and choose to do them anyway.

    Until parents and people in authority acknowledge this and begin to build a world where young people feel secure and at peace with themselves, all the worthy messages in the world won’t make any difference.

  2. kane says:

    hi im a youth from an estate in nottz i think nottz should make a gun and nife crime cd ov youths mcing!!

    we should get youths from all over nottz to do track about put the guns and knifes down cah at the end ov the day all its about in nottz in the colours ov ballies tgere is no need for youths to take lifes all because ov different areas

  3. charlotteeeeeeeee {: says:

    nottingham is like amazing.
    so i dunno what thiss website is about tbh.
    if i was you i would moove out.

  4. jess says:

    they shlud have a dvd to tell you about nife crime

  5. luke says:

    yh move out now

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