NDC’s plans or the City Council’s?

The blog Nottingham Graffiti posts on “what NDC in Radford intends to spend its remaining £4m on”. NDC is a government regeneration programme that in Nottingham was given 55 million to spend over 10 years. It ends in March 2010. 

Of the 4 million left “at least £750,000 will be spent refurbishing Tennyson Hall on Forest Road, described by the Evening Post as “a run-down building left vacant since the late 1990s”. What they don’t say is that NDC acquired this building from the City Council in a dodgy deal at the start of the programme and has allowed it to remain empty and deteriorating ever since.”

Tennyson Hall: Symbolic of NDC's inertia and lack of imagination

“NDC also intends to spend £800,000 refurbishing and revamping shop fronts in Alfreton Road next year. Why? There are many empty shops on Alfreton Road (at least three owned by NDC themselves) and it is clear that this is no longer an area where many people choose to buy things (apart from kebabs and fried chicken)…

Next, more than £500,000 improving homes in Burns Street, including buildings used as squats. Who owns these buildings now I wonder… and who might benefit most from unloading them onto NDC and getting them to pay for the refurbishment? Could it be the City Council or Nottingham City Homes?”

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One Response to NDC’s plans or the City Council’s?

  1. Harry says:

    I’d love to see full details of exactly what this £55m has been spent on. My gut feel is that the money has simply been spunked away on…..pretty much nothing.

    Radford looks exactly the same. I don’t know why I’m surprised really given the people that have involved with the NDC – Jon Collin’s placemen each and every one of them.

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