Is Old Market Square boring?

A letter writer in the Evening post has the following comment to make about the Old Market Square.

“Boring, boring, boring! I was not very keen on the new Market Square to begin with, but over a period of time I have come to acknowledge that it is not too bad and I do like the various activities and events which now take place there.

However on visiting the city centre on Monday I was very disappointed to see how drab it all looks. I expected it to be full of many brightly-coloured flowers and plants but most of what I could see was just boring greenery. ”

Gustafson Porter who won an award for the design said “the Old Market Square‘s wonderfully organic form now makes a people friendly space for users of all ages. Since it opened last year, the public’s positive response has been amazing and we are absolutely delighted.”

Compare the two photos below to see make up your own mind. Personally I like the new water feature and andv can see the benefits of having a large flat space for events.

But I really miss the greenery of the old design. When I first came to Nottingham I was very impressed with the Old Market Square and the way it felt kind of like a garden in the middle of the City.

market squareold market square













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