Lenton students ‘worst behaved ever’

“People living in a Lenton street claim this years students were “the worst behaved ever”. Students living around Gregory Avenue, off Lenton Boulvard, are reported to have held late night hot-tub parties and thrown glass bottles and pots and pans in the street.

Patricia Edmondson, 57, of Gregory Avenue, said male and female students had been urinating in the street…

Mrs Edmondson said problems escalated when one student house acquired a hot-tub… She also said “They were noisy and using really, really bad language.”

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2 Responses to Lenton students ‘worst behaved ever’

  1. francois says:

    First comment here , this blog has made some rather interesting reading since I came across it a couple of weeks ago.

    Alas this is yet another example where some people who lack the maturity to cope with behaving responsibly when afforded a bit of independence.I personally think the SU should do more to discourage excessive drinking and doing things to excess (I myself am a student from the University of Nottingham), but it’s unlikely to happen as anyone proposing such might be known as a bit of a killjoy.

  2. Alan-a-dale says:

    I think the problem with students is that they are essentially just ‘passing through’ the city for three years or so and feel no affinity with, or loyalty to, the communities they find themselves living in.

    This does not, of course, excuse anti-social behaviour or rudeness. But maybe the answer (as well as the SU doing more, which I agree with Francois on) is for the university authorities to work harder to bring students and communities together before things start to go wrong.

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