Good use of energy efficiency money?

The Greater Nottingham Partnership (GNP) is a government quango which allocates a considerable amount of government funding to projects that they consider increase Nottingham’s economy.

At their last Board meeting they allocated £60,000 to a new programme called “Improving Your Resource Efficiency programme for East Midlands companies…

The IYRE programme will provide businesses with ½ to 1 day of on-site support to.. provide them with an assessment of their energy use, waste management, water efficiency, use of raw materials, and efficiency of their processes.  The on site visit will provide the company with an action plan containing details of:

  • The key issues for the businesses and main areas of concern as well as a detailed assessment.
  • Potential solutions to these issues.
  • The potential costs of implementing these solutions.
  • Payback periods.
  • The report will also prioritise these actions for the business in terms of no cost / low cost solutions. “

 £60,000 has been agreed, and this service will be provided to 60 businesses – meaning it will cost £1000 to give advice to each business – on ways to save money and improve energy efficiency.

As there is already lots of advice in the public domain about how to be more energy efficient and save money, it does raise questions about whether this is a good use of taxpayers money.

To read more about GNP follow the link below.


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