New laws for Nottingham?

Nottingham City Council is currently consulting on changes to policies or laws that it wants to ask Central Government to change. On the council’s website there are a list of proposed ideas where they ask for feedback. Some seem sensible, but others seem a bit extreme. Examples are below.

“Property Mangagement
Landlords have powers to ensure that tenants in social housing keep their properties (and gardens) in good order and not cause a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Proposal: extend these powers so that the City Council has similar powers with private housing

Public Safety Zones
Public open spaces (such as Old Market Square) are sometimes affected by issues such as alcohol consumption, protests, leafleting, cycling, skateboards, busking, pedlars, etc. The City Council wants public areas of the city to be kept safe for all to enjoy.

Proposal: give the City Council the power to designate areas as “community safety designated zones” to ensure public safety and reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder.”

To add your own views click on the link below.


2 Responses to New laws for Nottingham?

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    Just visited and left my comments. Will NCC really take any notice of this though or just do exactly as they want, as usual?

    I guess we have to have faith don’t we? At least they’re asking us.

  2. nottgirl says:

    I haven’t a clue if they will listen to our comments or not, but I still think we need to try and influence things for the better.

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