Director lies about proposed cuts

More lies from Nottingham City Council – this time from the Director of Adult Services.

“I feel compelled to write concerning the planned closure of Fairham Day Centre for, despite all the promises, closure is the intention of the Nottingham City Council.

 My husband attends Fairham each Wednesday and Friday, giving me some essential respite (according to our GP who has referred my husband for an extra day). We are lucky in that come August 31 (the date given for closure) at least we will have each other; many of the other people live alone.

The director of adult services at the council says that “people attending day centres are assessed and the new arrangements will not change that in any way, so people will receive the same number of day care days as they do at the moment”.

This is a total fabrication – my husband has already been offered ONE day at Long Meadow – and this is devastating for a man who is prone to travel sickness. Where and when did the assessment take place, and why was I not included?

The council insists that it needs to save money. I can immediately think of areas where money has been squandered – the millions for the new arts centre at Garner’s Hill; the outlay for all the placards on lampposts and the Council House, telling us how wonderful ‘they’ are; and now the cost of new signs, with emblems, for various parts of the city.”

Follow the link below to read the original letter.


One Response to Director lies about proposed cuts

  1. ncclols says:

    Sallyanne Johnson. What a shit for brains incompetent waste of carbon.

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