Gallery problems

Below is a letter in todays’ Evening post.

“I look forward to visiting Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery when it opens in November.

 It promises to provide an interesting space for people of all ages to meet, and should give a big boost to the city centre for all the reasons given in your interesting interview with Nicholas Serota of Tate Modern.

However, some important questions remain to be answered. One pressing issue is how will people get to the gallery? This is particularly relevant for those arriving by train and coach.

The walk from Nottingham Station is dingy in the extreme, crossing Canal Street and confronting four lanes of cars swinging round the end of the Broadmarsh bus station. The walk through the grotty subway to the Broadmarsh is little better, and not at all direct.

Has any thought been given to providing an elevated walkway to High Pavement alongside the tram? How about free tram rides to and from the gallery? The green mound of the new gallery is directly in line with the tram terminus at Station Street. How to make the passage from one to the other a pleasure rather than a pain?”

Follow the link below to raed the original letter.


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