Chief Executive of One Nottingham resigns

Some of you may know about One Nottingham. This is a Government quango that brings together all of the main organisations in the City of Nottingham. Its aim is to reduce the gap in servicesbetween the wealthier and more disadvantaged wards.

For example, crime is much higher in wards such as St Ann’s than Mapperley. So One Nottingham has a plan of how it will reduce crime in the areas where it is highest. It is given funding by Central Government to achieve this.

There were eyebrows raised when Jon Collins became Chair of One Nottingham after the MP Graham Allen stood down. This is because as he is already leader of Nottingham City Council, this gives him both more power and means Nottingham City Council has even greater influence over what One Nottingham does.

Some of you will also know that Jon Collins has been criticised for micro management and being very difficult to work with – hence the departure of 4 Chief Executives at Nottingham City Council in a relatively short space of time.

Predicatably the Chief Executive of One Nottingham, Andrew Balchin, is leaving his post. There have been many rumours that he has found it extremely difficult to work with Jon Collins so this news isn’t surprising. However, it is a loss to the City.

Andrew Balchin, unlike many others in positions of power, is trustworthy and thoughtful and has always tried to do his best for the City. At the moment, we don’t know who will be replacing him.

3 Responses to Chief Executive of One Nottingham resigns

  1. Harry says:

    “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest ?”

    Joker Collins is destroying Nottingham.

  2. […] One Nottingham, power Browsing around other local blogs, I’ve just come across the news on Nottingham is Crap that One Nottingham Chief Executive, Andrew Balchin has resigned and is due to leave in October. The […]

  3. His_wife28 says:

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