Increase in charges for elderly and disabled

Nottingham City Council have agreed a worrying new policy for social care charges. By social care they mean all help that elderly and disabled people who live at home get, that isn’t strictly medical help. So for example, home helps, day centres, rails and other equipment fitted in your house.

The new policy says that “all citizens should be offered a full financial assessment and the charges raised should not reduce their income below current entitlement to Income Support/Guaranteed Credit plus 25%.”

It worryingly goes on to say that “the policy will allow for all services to be charged even though this may not be the case currently.”

The report says it aims to ensure that charges are consistent, coherent and fair, so it is quite clear that the key aim of the report is to gain agreement to start charging people for services they currently get for free.

To read more follow the link below.


One Response to Increase in charges for elderly and disabled

  1. Admin says:

    What on earth do they think they are doing to these people!! The very people who are the most vulnerable and in the most need of help? Nottingham you are shamefull.

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