“Health & safety” rules at Nottingham Castle

We all know that the Castle can be a disappointment to foreign visitors, but it is a shame that one visitor also had such a bad experience in the Castle cafe.

“I recently took some Italian visitors to the castle as they wanted to experience part of the Robin Hood legend. Obviously they were expecting a much older ‘castle’ and were disappointed at the rather later building filled with very old fashioned exhibits which didn’t seem to relate much to the history of the building or area.

We decided to go for a coffee in the cafe as I had been before and thought it was very pleasent. However, this time I had my 9 week old baby with me who needed feeding.

There were no facilities for breastfeeding in privacy and so I asked for some hot water to warm a bottle of milk. I was told they were not allowed to give this to me. I then asked if they could warm the milk (maybe in a microwave), but again they said they were not allowed to do this. The staff claimed that this was due to ‘health and safety issues’ although apparently serving a pot of hot tea (i.e. hot water with a tea bag in it), was OK.

As a result of this ridiculous rule, we had to leave the castle with a screaming baby and find a more welcoming cafe in Nottingham.”

Follow the link below to read the original review.



One Response to “Health & safety” rules at Nottingham Castle

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    This is the sort of ‘jobs-worth’ rubbish that gets Nottingham (and many other places in the UK) a bad name.

    A shiny new Robin Hood theme park isn’t going to help Nottingham unless we improve our customer services as well.

    Although I suspect some of it is driven by risk-averse managers who don’t trust their staff to make sensible decisions and so issue a long list of do’s and don’ts which they have to conform to.

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