Nottingham City Centre ruined

There is an interesting comment on the Evening Post website, some of which is reproduced below.

“Back in the late 80s Nottingham was a pleasant but unexciting post-industrial city full of closed factories, with a fairly unexciting proposition for people who wanted to eat, drink and socialise in the city.

During the 90s, matters improved dramatically. Restaurants, cafes and bars sprung up and the city was probably the most vibrant in the UK. Cafe culture had hit town.

The city was there for all to use. You could bus in, drive in, hire a cab or take the train. It was easy to drive in from the country, park for free or cheaply, do some shopping, have some lunch and drive home again.

In the evening you could return to the city for a night out at any of the vast number of bars / pubs and restaurants. It was very rare to see trouble and the city felt exciting and lively.

Fast forwards to 2009 and Nottingham is regressing badly.

The transport policy penalises drivers, in favour of firstly council revenues and secondly people who can use public transport. The affluent people who used to drive into the city and spend money go elsewhere now. So the individual shops are dying out in favour of “World of Chav” and “Hoodie-U-Like”.

It is no longer to just “pop in” to Nottingham for a quick bit of shopping and lunch, unless you live on a bus route or tram line.

Take a drive around Nottingham city centre after dark, or at least where cars are not now banned, and it is desolate. Where once there were bars and clubs there are now To Let boards. The once vibrant Lace Market is a ghost town, with the darkened nightclub signs providing a sad reminder of how Nottingham used to be.

So what is behind it? The credit crunch? Recession? Unemployment?

No. Not in my opinion…for a city to be economically successful it needs to draw in people who will spend and consume…

The trams are a great idea, but public transport is not the only consideration. Nottingham needs to appeal to EVERYONE, not just Labour voters. Sadly it increasingly doesn’t.

This is not just my opinion. The vacant retail units in the prime rents, the closed clubs and vanished bars, the complete lack of activity in the city most nights bears testiment to it.”

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5 Responses to Nottingham City Centre ruined

  1. Stuart says:

    Sadly, I largely agree with many of the points the article makes. Nottingham has deteriorated in many ways over the past few years.

    One small point I’d make however is in answer to the following assertion:

    ‘It is no longer to just “pop in” to Nottingham for a quick bit of shopping and lunch, unless you live on a bus route or tram line.’

    I live near a main bus route but also take my car into the city sometimes. I can usually find a meter to park for up to three hours if necessary. It all depends on how you define ‘popping in’ I guess and whether you believe free parking should be available. Personally after two or three hours of shopping I’m happy to get away!

  2. Fin Devious says:

    Pathetic, just because you cannot drive into the city centre in your car you have to have a dig at the city. You should try park and ride.

  3. nottgirl says:

    I use public transport whenever I can – including into work. However, I know many people aren’t prepared to go anywhere they can’t drive to and park. Even though I personally believe people should take the bus or tram into the City, the fact that it is harder to park for free does deter some people from visiting and spending money in the City Centre.

    Particularly for people living in Notts County who are more likely to have money and a car, there are other places to shop. And Nottingham City has to compete successfully with these other shopping destinations.

  4. Alan-a-dale says:

    Rubbish. This is the sort of short-sighted, consumer-driven, capitalist nonsense that threatens the future of the planet. Using the old chestnut of competition to justify rich, lazy people wanting to drive their cars from their doorsteps, park for free, visit House of Fraser and John Lewis and then drive back to West Bridgford or Wollaton simply won’t wash any more. There are plenty of city-centre car parks and a very good public transport system. If people don’t want to use these, they should stay at home.

  5. James says:

    I don’t shop in Nottingham centre anymore now I go to the retail parks, I will never pay to park my car, use public transport or park and ride. Ill leave that to the liberals thanks very much.

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