Waste of taxpayers money

Nottingham City Council is again wasting money on glossy pr leaflets according to one letter writer in the Evening Post.

“A few days ago my small business received a letter and double sided glossy sheet from Nottingham City Council about the Workplace Parking Levy – which I prefer to call the Tram Scam Tax.

 It was all about whether my business would have to pay and emphasised that the “chances are you won’t have to pay”. Well, they are right, I won’t have to pay because we don’t have enough parking spaces – but surely the council has a very good idea which businesses will have to pay. Why not simply write to them and save money by only writing to the 20% of businesses that will have to pay….

The letter and glossy seem to be to be an example of the worst kinds of self-justifying stupidity we get from politicians and are a complete waste of money.”

Follow the link below to read more.



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