Living in fear

I have just been talking to the police this morning about a young couple who are being targeted by a group of up to 20 lads. It’s the usual harassment of stones and cans thrown at the windows and walls, verbal abuse and threats.

The couple are fairly quiet people who are being terrified by this intimidation. The husband works, but his wife is too scared to go out of the house during the day whilst he is at work.

The police don’t seem that interested – I think because there is little they can do. Everytime the couple phone the police the young lads disperse until the police have gone away. Then they come back to resume their harassment.

It makes me angry that there are people in Nottingham who are living in fear like this.


6 Responses to Living in fear

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    I find this amazing at a time when we seem to have more uniformed security staff of one sort or another on our streets than ever before. Police, CPO’s, PCSO’s and some others who seem to be a cross between all of these (or one of them in a slightly different uniform). What are all of these ‘law enforcement officers’ doing? And if they don’t have the power, will or motivation to tackle situations like the one you describe, what’s the point of them?

  2. A. Regular Reader says:

    What about video recording of evidence? Isn’t that supposed to be one of the things that all of these pseudo-police are capable of?

  3. nottgirl says:

    Yes they could collect video evidence. I think the police are rarely interested in this kind of crime because it is seen as petty offences, but in reality is very difficult to tackle. Its not impossible to tackle, but if police intervention is ineffective it can make things worse as the young people get the clear message that the police either are not or can not do anything.

  4. grant hill says:

    Try the CPOs. They like the sort of thing the Cops cant be arsed with and sorted out some hassel on our street.

  5. Fred says:

    You didn’t say where the couple live, but chances are it’s one of Grottingham’s many grot estates, like Bilborough where I lived for 3 years before legging it, where the cops are thin on the ground. I was also targetted by a bunch of hoodies, including, shamefully, two girls, after a ‘problem family’ moved in up the road. I tried being polite to them, which of course failed but you’ve got to try, then after a while complained to the local toolshed – sorry, police station. The cops made all the right noises and created a case, but nowt happened, which was what I expected – frankly, they don’t give a monkey’s what happens on such estates.

    My next door neighbour, a single mother with a young kid, got into a dispute with the local ‘hard family’ and was driven out of her house, her front window being bricked and threats of violence made against her. I was in when she was bricked and came out to help, and she, her man and a relative who’d driven in hung around for over an hour for the cops to show, and then they were plainly disinterested. The council boarded up the window then, to its credit, rehoused her and the child the next day. Nothing happened to the ‘hard family’ who as far as I know still rule the Bilbra roost. Had this happened in Wollaton the cops would have been on the scene like a shot and doing house to house enquiries.

    The only thing that can stop the hoodies and yobs is a local community that sticks together and works for each other. We didn’t have that in Bilborough, with folk hunkering away in their houses in their own worlds, not knowing their neighbours (I was as guilty of that as anyone), and as a result the scrotes picked us off easily. Where there’s a community it polices itself, one way or t’other, and the anti-social have nowhere to hide.

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