Radford Unity Complex

Well a lot has been happening while I have been away. No major reason that I haven’t been blogging, just too much work and other stuff getting in the way. But I’m back now.

I notice that Nottingham City Council are selling Radford Unity Complex, an old school in Radford and are evicting the community groups currently based there.

“Groups currently using the RUC include the Sikh Community and Youth Service (SCYS), the Nottingham Teaching College (NCT) which offers courses to around 1,000 local people per year and Catch 22, a group working with young people and offenders, Shiefton Youth Group and Supplementary School, the Hindu Youth Group, the Gujarat Samaj Youth Group and ERONDU after school study and support group”

The City Council had in their reports said that groups would be given help to find alternative accommodation – which surprise, surprise they haven’t.

However, what has not been more widely reported is that all of the community groups, with the exception of Catch 22, have been using these premises free of charge. Although this might seem great, what it actually means is that these groups have not had to raise funding in the past for rent. This means that it is impossible to find them alternative accommodation as there is nowhere else in Radford or close by that will provide space free of charge.

It may be that these groups close unless the City Council decide to provide some practical help.

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4 Responses to Radford Unity Complex

  1. Andy says:

    There’s actually quite a lot more on this. The sale has fallen through which means the groups have got a breather at least. Collins was revealed to have told a committee that it was being sold for £320k when in fact it had been offered for £150k. The District Auditor was looking into it before the sale fell through.

  2. nottgirl says:

    I knew it had been offered for £150k and this seemed to be well below market value; but I didn’t know Jon Collins had told a committee that it was being sold for 320k.

  3. bob gee says:

    the play service have moved to MARCUS GARVEY centre opposite Sandfield Centre [another waste of money place] Is this a city council building?
    the whole system.. play, youth, schools are in a mess. too many chief’s at playservice, youth same, schools run proper by teachers, but here it come’s.. AGENCY staff. too many, depriving the workers set on by the council. want more,? tell me. nottingham is crap because of same thing, too many chief’s. eg a woman, top job, made redundant, big pay out. went to agency and guess what, got her old job back.

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