Council called to account over its handling of historic charity

The Nottingham Post has an interesting article about how Nottingham City Council hasn’t  explained what it has used charitable funding for.

“THE city council has been slammed by the Audit Commission for the way it runs a charity.

 The council is the sole trustee of the Bridge Estate, a charity set up in the 16th century to pay for repairs to bridges over the River Trent. The charity, which owns land throughout the city, generates £1.59 million for the council.

 However, public spending watchdog the Audit Commission was not satisfied with the accounts. District auditor Sue Sunderland said: “I found a number of significant failings.”

 These included a failure to explain what the £1.59m was used for.

 In addition, the auditor found:

 Papers supporting the statement of accounts were inadequate.

No senior management overview of accounts.

 Material errors in accounts.

 No trustee meetings held to discuss charity matters other than adoption of the accounts…..

A council spokesman said: “The matters raised by the auditor are largely technical and administrative issues which haven’t adversely affected the way this fund has been administered, with the money appropriately being used to support the council’s overall expenditure.”

The “council spokesman” is wrong. Legally this funding should be used to maintain and repair local bridges. It sounds as if the Council have just used the money wherever they want to.

To read more follow the links below.


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