How safe is Nottingham?

Just been reading the website the Student Room where students post about their real life experiences of studying in Nottingham. On one of the threads, there was a debate about how much crime there really is in Nottingham. Below is one persons comments.

“i had friends who stayed at liberty square, which is barely even in radford and they had people breaking in and trying to mug them etc. I had friends that were put in accomadation nearer the john carol centre part of radford, and literally did not dare leave the place, iuts literally third world.

There was even a quote on here saying “radford doesnt even look rough” Wow. Ilkston road, and inparticularly alfreton road were considred some of the worst effected highstreets in britian for the resession. Drerlict shop, after derelict pub, after derelict petrol station, its looks woeful. the Only thing i agree with some of the comments on here is that radford not the worse part of nottingha. That is true.”

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One Response to How safe is Nottingham?

  1. Nick B. says:

    To students who have had a sheltered, middle-class upbringing, coming to a big city like Nottingham and having to live out there in the real world can be a bit of a culture shock! And of course all the bad guys know that where there are students that are not street-wise there are easy pickings.

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