Nottingham awarded a Purple Flag for city centre

No I didn’t know what the Purple Flag was either. Apparently though..

“Nottingham has been successful in its bid to gain Purple Flag Status for its late night offering and is among one of the first places in Britain to be recognised for the strides they have made in becoming safer, cleaner and more pleasant places to be after dark..

Nottingham city centre was assessed on a range of criteria including attractiveness and appeal, cleanliness, personal safety, arts and cultural offer, how welcoming it is, as well as the strength of partnership working”

Jon Collins is quoted as saying “”The Assessors and Panel were impressed by particular strengths, including Doorwatch, Street Pastors, good signage, refurbishment of the public realm, BID management of the city centre and the excellent partnership work between businesses and agencies.”

Okay there are some good bits about our City Centre including the Doorwatch scheme. However they still haven’t managed to erect a sign in market square to the nearest public toilets.

To read more follow the link below.


3 Responses to Nottingham awarded a Purple Flag for city centre

  1. joe flock says:

    I’m always suspicious about this sort of thing
    Have they paid anything to get this award? if so, how much? More than a couple of hundred quid and you know it’s a con. i’d rather taxpayer money was spent on improving the city than on applying for awards.
    And how long do these assessors spend assessing the city for? I’m guessing it’s just a few weeks, not really enough time to assess a city’s nightlife.
    I’d rather see crime stats than sbdy tell me it’s safe.

  2. joe flock says:

    I did some digging, it costs just under £25,000 to get this award. And external assessors spend just ONE NIGHT in the city!!!
    And yet they are trying to convince/mislead the public the city is safe on the back of this! And using taxpayer money to do it. It’s unbelievable. Careers have ended for less.

  3. Andy says:

    I think the fairly obvious reason why they would have probably been willing to spend quite a lot more than £25k on getting purple flag status is PR.

    After all, Nottm still suffers from the ‘Shottingham’ stuff and the bad publicity of being a favourite stag/hen party venue from a few years ago. Getting the PF award allows them to claim all those problems are over.

    It’s just a pity the ‘Post’ has been full of news of violent incidents and the resultant court cases over the last week or so.

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