Jon Collins Update

Jon has apparently emailed every Nottingham City Council employee criticising the Government’s budget and the impact budget cuts will have on services provided by local authorities.

You may not agree, but this seemed a pretty party political move and not appropriate for someone who is the Lead member of Nottingham City Council.

Jane Todd on the otherhand, the Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council, sent a general email to employees talking about the need to work together during difficult times.

Now that is appropriate.


2 Responses to Jon Collins Update

  1. w says:

    Dear Mr Collins
    Once again the council tax is being increased and this will only add to the suffering of Nottingham people already struggling with the austerity cuts and rises in gas,electicity,water and rents increase.

    The mood of the people is one of shock and uncertainty and without any doubt the health of the people is at risk in particular, the elderly,disabled and adults with learning difficulties and the unemployed.

    With cuts to the volutary sector there are few places left where people can get urgent advice and this is an area that the council must look at as soon as possible.

    The Council House building in Old Market Square should be given to the citizens of Nottingham and turned into a museum of art and craft and advice centre. The Council House building is wasted as it is and must be costly to keep heated. It’s a central building and its current use does not warrant the cost to keep it open.

    I think Nottingham could lead the country by using the building for better use that would ease the pain of the current economic crisis and the effects on all by giving them a voice and central advice centre.

    Yours sincerely

    William Alexander O’Brien

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