Holding hands around St Ann’s

Every year a group of volunteers organise a “holding hands around St Ann’s day.” Whilst it is great that volunteers are organising community activities, I have always been highly dubious about the value of this activity.

It appears a pretty naive community action that won’t help to improve life for people in St Ann’s. In the Nottingham Evening Post it claims that:

(At a meeting) “a mother told one of the organisers how drugs were starting to affect lives and is said to have concluded: “What we really need is to hold hands around St Ann’s.”

I wish it were that simple!

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3 Responses to Holding hands around St Ann’s

  1. Andy says:

    Disagree. It has the potential of symbolic importance which is difficult to quantify but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed out of hand.

    And it could have quite profound social effects. How often do we hear that nobody talks to their neighbours anymore? And if little kids learn from an early age that the neighbours are real people with needs and feelings then maybe they won’t be so quick to rob them in later years?

    I’d agree it would be difficult to justify spending a lot of money on something with such intangible benefits but a couple of hundred quid on some leaflets and tea and cake wouldn’t be missed.

    Good luck to em, if its a nice day out then its worthwhile.

  2. Martin and Carly says:

    Hi there – we were involved on the day, Andy is right on all counts.

    Is fear that you might not achieve enough, justification for doing nothing? Little steps…

    ..Local food stalls, allotment produce, city farm workers, noise, music and art for and by young people, poetry, speakers… Fun!

    Sometimes, ‘it’ is as simple as holding hands, meeting your neighbours, speaking to another person (without the buffer of technology), helping, laughing… Learning that this is going on all around, all the time, that St Anns/Radford/Sneinton/Nottingham (delete as appropriate) isn’t such a bad place after all. Who else is going to make it better?

  3. Prada Brewsters says:

    Holding hands around st anns what a joke! The only people that believe in this sort of action are fuzzy headed 40+ year olds desperately clinging to “the good old days” when they were young and things were all different and everyone knew eachother. The problem in St Anns is drugs, and all the kids know that selling these will get you rich quick.

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