Queen of the Midlands?

A letter in Nottingham Evening Post bemoans the state of Nottingham.

“WHAT has happened to Nottingham? It used to be the “Queen of the Midlands”? Now we see closed-up shops and nightclubs.

 City pavements are filthy and some lovely old buildings are as well – such a shame. The old square is a big empty space unless an event is being held there.

 Slab Square used to be attractive, with benches, flower tubs and hanging baskets, a pleasure to sit and relax there. Surely it could have been adapted without such a radical and expensive change?

 The Corner House complex is a carbuncle, too many eateries competing, and Trinity Square is bleak and ugly. What are our planners and architects thinking?

Our two shopping centres are dated and dreary. Look at Derby Westfield: it’s bright, vibrant and inviting. We have a castle that isn’t a castle and Sherwood Forest.”

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One Response to Queen of the Midlands?

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    Maybe, as Nottingham’s contribution to open government and the Big Society, the City Council could invite its residents and visitors to suggest ways in which the city could be improved?

    They have talked about community empowerment for years but they seem to be oblivious to what local people really think of their city and not particularly keen to find out.

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