Councillor Hassan Ahmed involved in dodgy decision

Just been looking into the Council of Equality and Human Rights Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The blogger Andy at ncclols blog posted in March about the cutting of CEHRNN’s grant. This decision was made by Councillor Ammed and Councillor Chapman.

You can read more about this at

Councillor Ahmed has been a key figure behind the creation of a new equality body called Equal. And surprise, surprise, it has now been agreed to give them funding from Nottingham City Council. Originally they were due to receive £60,000, but with the recent cuts this looks as if it will be reduced to £20,000 for 2010/11.

This is far less than the £122k pa CEHRNN received, but it obviously means that Councillor Ahmed was not in a neutral position when deciding to withdraw CEHRNN’s grant.

Incidentally, Tyron Brown, who was behind a massive housing scandal is also heavily involved in Equal. Follow the link below to read more about this dubious individual.

6 Responses to Councillor Hassan Ahmed involved in dodgy decision

  1. Andy says:

    Any links for the decision to fund them?

    Nottingham Equal did get a small grant of £5k a couple of years back for set up costs as well.

    Yer man Tyron Browne is actually listed as Chief Exec Officer. He’s also recently started his own consultancy company.

    Hassan Ahmed recently resigned as a Director of Nottm Equal. Presumably so he could swing decisions in their favour w/o having to explain himself to the Standards Committee…

  2. nottgirl says:

    Sorry no links – I know this through my work so I can’t provide any links. Should be in minutes of committee meetings though soon.

    I thought Tyron was the Chief Executive but I couldn’t find anything confirming this. I didn’t know Hassan had resigned from Equal though.

  3. […] Browne I’m indebted to my blogging colleagues Andy at  NCC LOL’s and Nottgirl at Nottingham is Crap for once again shining the spotlight on Nottingham City Council’s dodgy dealings and, in […]

  4. Alan-a-dale says:

    Just added a couple of bits to this jigsaw of slime, corruption and dubious dealings…

  5. áo thun trơn

    Councillor Hassan Ahmed involved in dodgy decision | Nottingham Is Crap

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