Anti Gay Pride Demonstration

Some people are organising an anti gay pride demonstration at the Forest Recreation Ground on Saturday. This poster is displayed on the window of a shop on Radford Road.


6 Responses to Anti Gay Pride Demonstration

  1. mandy wilson says:

    what a bunch of tossers grow up and get on with your own bloody lives

  2. for petes sake!!! We’re queer we’re here and we ain’t goin nowhere!! Are there not more important things to protest against!!!

  3. gay = crime says:

    stop being gay it’s disgusting.
    gays are evil and they rape children.
    and the worst thing is the police doen’t do anyting against gays.
    GROW UP!! GET A LIFE!! AND GET A WOMEN and not a man!!

  4. nottgirl says:

    I realise I haven’t said in the post that I thoroughly condemn this anti gay pride demonstration. I was glad to read that on the day it numbered no more than a handful of protestors.

  5. Perry Codey says:

    The churches have been stealing from Gay people long enough.Gays, who pay taxes, are denied basic civil rights, The church, who is tax exempt, affect public policy on Gay people.I would send the church to hell, if there were such a place. For now, letsleave them in the middle ages with their folklore and superstition.Whatever good there is in religion, can be had without religion.It is trickery, superstition, and shame.People who want to “save marriage” have their work cut out for them.Start with the incredibly high divorce rate.

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