A depressing time in Bilborough

I came across a blog written by someone who lived in Bilborough and was desperate to move out. Even though the last posting was in 2006, the blog makes interesting, if depressing reading. The comment below is taken directly from the blog.

  • “cracked and highly uneven pavements, real ankle-breakers, and liberally sprinkled with mounds of dog turds to trap the unwary pedestrian who’s not looking where s/he’s going
  • every possible public flat surface graffiti’d:
  • road signs (other than the new one on my road, which presumably is of a graffiti-proof sort),
    • boards on bus stops
    • constructor signs outside the college grounds
    • the brick walls of the library (“Bilbra Cru” – either the dimwits can’t spell or, more likely, they’re trying to emulate mean muthafucka gangstas)
    • shop shutters
  • a low-flying cop helicopter on the prowl
  • a pasty fat-faced darren on a blarting mini-motorbike piling up and down aimlessly
  • a telephone exchange box ripped open”

Follow the link below to read more.



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