Neglect of Rise Park

I was interested in a letter in the Nottingham Post complaining that the city council neglects better off areas in the City. I personally think they are right to do this. After all with a limited amount of money available, it is only right that those who struggle most get better provision.

But I also understand why some of my colleagues who live in the County – places as near to the City as West Bridgford – disagree with any proposal from the City Council to extend the City boundaries into these areas.

West Bridgford for example is very near to the City Centre, certainly closer than Clifton. The County Council seems to spend a lot of money in West Bridgtford. If it became part of the City Council, that expediture; would rightly, significantly drop.

So it makes sense for County residents to resist any attempts to increase the size of the City.

“AFTER living in Rise Park for 34 years, there has been no support for this area for years as probably a lot of old people will tell you. No proper park or community centre.

Go to Bestwood, Top Valley and Bulwell, that’s where the money is spent. New parks, library and health and community centre.

People in Rise Park are on a top band of the council tax. What for? They get nothing back in return.”

To read the original letter follow the link below.


5 Responses to Neglect of Rise Park

  1. Alex Foster says:

    Every single part of the city thinks some other part is getting all the money. My area are always saying that St Anns gets all the cash.

    The picture is complicated in the County areas by the fact that both district and county councils can spend money on different things.

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  3. Nick says:

    A city council officer admitted to me that, yes, they do tend to ignore the relatively better off areas of the city.

    St Ann’s and the like keep City Council workers in jobs.

  4. Andy says:

    More accurately, spending money on St Anns keeps Jon Collins in a job.

    Flippancy aside, I’m sure there’s lots of ways you can look at this. Yes, there is the question of need to take into account. Plus there is going to be a higher rate of right to buy in better off areas so you wouldn’t expect as large a spend on housing.

    Actually a quick look round t’interwebs and I found this

    The home page paints a slightly different picture than the letter writer’s tale of woe

    “Rise Park Estate, lies on the northern edge of the City of Nottingham, and is within a few minutes of very easy access to Junctions 26 and 27 of the M1 Motorway. It is in attractive surroundings, bounded on one side by the 450 acre Bestwood Country Park and on another by Bulwell Common and its golf course.

    It is a relatively modern housing estate of approximately 1450 homes, completed during the1960’s, comprised mainly of good quality three and four bed detached houses and bungalows, with a small number of low rise flats. There is a small shopping precinct on the estate and Tesco, Morrisons and Aldi have stores nearby.

    The shopping areas of Bulwell, Hucknall and Arnold are all within easy reach – as are the modern Ken Martin and Southglade Leisure Centres.

    For the purpose of Nottingham City Council elections Rise Park falls within Bulwell Forest Ward.”

    And the lead photo is titled ‘Community Centre Park Spring 2010’. No proper park or community centre?

    Sounds idyllic to me. Some places get all the breaks 😉

  5. TSB says:

    Just found this thread and can confirm that Rise Park certainly seems to be low down on the list of Council spending priorities as compared to the surrounding areas. A click on the Community / Community Association tabs of the above mentioned web site will give a clearer picture of the situation currently faced by the Community Association and the building from which it has to operate. Not exactly up to modern standards and needs, and one of the less attractive aspects of the Estate – very nice but not quite as idyllic as suggested by Andy.
    Though the council did recently provide some funds towards partial renovation, and also the daffodils to make the space at the rear of the building more attractive – these being planted by volunteers.

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