Criticism over city council’s £200,000 leadership training scheme

The Nottingham Post reports that “Nottingham City Council plans to spend almost £200,000 on a “leadership programme” for ten councillors and 90 senior managers.

 The council says the training is “critical” to ensure members and officers have the capability to lead the authority through a “difficult economic period”.

 But the decision has been criticised by opposition parties and the public sector union, Unison, who question whether taxpayers are obtaining value for money at a time when the Government is cutting council funding.

 In the past four years, reports have highlighted weaknesses in the leadership of the council. The latest expenditure is aimed at increasing leadership skills, creating a greater understanding of expectations, better use of resources and better morale in the workforce…

Council chief executive Jane Todd said: “These programmes for senior and middle managers and executive councillors work out at £500 per person. “That’s a value-for-money investment in the people who are involved in making tough decisions about how we continue to provide services to the citizens of Nottingham in the coming years.”

I actually agree with the need for good quality training for senior managers and Councillors. However, as one person pointed out, it doesn’t look good that Jane Todd has got the figures wrong. The training is actually going to cost £2,000 per person, not £500 as quoted.

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3 Responses to Criticism over city council’s £200,000 leadership training scheme

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    Well spotted, whoever it was who did the maths and exposed Jane Todd’s particular training need.

    I’ve also writtten a bit on this –

  2. Norma says:

    Just to clarify, the programme cost is £500 per person per year, good value for money training and the maths is OK too.

  3. Andy says:

    The bit that everyone’s missed is that Harold Tinworth got the contract for training the Executive. He’s the one that was accused of being JoCo’s mentor.

    Whatever he was doing prior to the recent decision to put his work onto a contractual basis he had been paid over £110k of public money without any formal decision to use his services and nobody really knowing what he was doing.


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