Poor hospital care at Queens

On the website, ‘patient opinion’, a patient at Queens Medical Centre posted the following comment.

“Extremely poor communication between nursing staff in different departments, doctors and nursing staff. Nurses not clear about medication. “Confusion” lead to a delay of SEVERAL DAYS just for a scan.

Doctors did not explain what they were doing, and in some cases did not even bother to introduce themselves. Cleaning was poor – rubbish left on the floor for 24 hours plus!”

Follow the link below to read the original post.



One Response to Poor hospital care at Queens

  1. Eddie martyn says:

    RUBBISH šŸ˜• I live in DONCASTER and have to go all the way to NOTTINGHAM to Queens medical for proper TREATMENT for a broken JAW .
    In DONCASTER all I was offered was botox injections in my jaw by an idiot Dr who said I had a muscle problem . I came to QUEENS medical centre only after demanding a second opinion . And I had a metal bar put in the side of my jaw to fix it to my face .
    Anybody who says this hospital is CRAP .?
    Needs to come to DONCASTER ROYAL

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